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except the good ones.

Everyone's brother-in-law thinks they can unplug their home stereo, set it up at your party — and play DJ.
And if your budget is under $500, that may be a good option for you.

Professional DJ's have vast musical libraries and spend countless time and energy updating their archives. They also have the experience of reading an audience and playing what they want to hear.

Different DJ's also create very different party experiences:

Support DJ check availability
They are in the background reacting to the pace of your event. They make certain that the music functions as a custom sound track to the other activities taking place.

Personality DJ check availability
These DJs act as MC's. They are the masters at reading the audience and help to smoothly segue into all the different facets of your event. These DJs are charismatic and can expertly guide your event from start to finish.

Karaoke check availability
The audience becomes the star! Includes — SOUND SYSTEM — 100's of SONGS FROM THE PAST AND PRESENT — SONG LYRICS — VOICE-ENHANCING MICROPHONE. A professional will also be there for the entire event to set-up, coordinate and help coax people into the limelight.

Fantasy DJ check availability
These DJs create video, laser and light shows to accentuate the music. Their show can include — VIDEO SCREENS — FOG MACHINES — MIRROR BALLS — STROBE LIGHTS — SPOTLIGHTS.

Video DJ check availability
The best show in town. Includes — 1 OR 2 GIANT 15 FT. HIGH-GAIN REAR-PROJECTION VIDEO SCREENS — BROAD-CAST-QUALITY COLOR PROJECTORS. The music videos, a la MTV, play simultaneously on video screens and through a large multi-speaker sound system. Also available — FOG — LASERS — REMOTS CAMERAS — VIDEO KARAOKE.

DJ/Band Combo check availability
To really keep your event jumping, you can hire both a DJ and a band. During the band's breaks, you can keep up the pace with the DJ.


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