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Dancers check availability
You may wish to have dancers accompany your chosen music, be the feature performance, or teach you the steps! From Ballroom to avant garde, dance adds an unexpected dimension.

Characters/Magicians/Clowns/Circus Arts check availability
These are great attention getters. They break the ice and bring out the child in everyone. Do you think people would notice if Marilyn Monroe showed up? Or the guest of honor was sawn in half?

Custom Lyrics check availability
These composers and lyricists create custom songs about companies, individuals or themes. Since the songs are personalized they always draw plenty of reactions and participation from the audience. It's a great team-building experience.

Tribute bands check availability
It's been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Our tribute bands, who cover artists including — ELVIS PRESLEY — NEIL DIAMOND — CARPENTERS — BEACH BOYS — FRANK SINATRA — do their idols proud. More than impersonators, they are great musicians in their own right.

Interactive games check availability
Strengthen a team and have lots of fun with these specially developed games of — SUMO WRESTLING — HUMAN BOWLING — MURDER MYSTERY — GLADIATORS.

HEADLINERS check availability
The Music Line has access to nationally and internationally renowned musicians, bands and entertainers. If your event requires the draw of a well-known performer, just let us know your preference.


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